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 What we believe in:

  • Our town is and should be a healthy, vibrant community.
  • Local government should solve local problems.
  • People in government need to communicate with their boards, with other boards, and with the residents.

  • Finding the best possible information on all alternatives regarding local issues, including environmentally responsible solutions.

  • Education is and should be a local matter and educators must be accountable.

  • Public finances are a public trust, we are penny-wise without being pound-foolish.

  • Government should treat everyone with dignity and respect and municipal workers and elected officials should be able to expect the same treatment in return.

  • True long-range financial planning and budgeting for capital investments and improvements.

  • Fair land use regulations, designed for our town and decided by our taxpayers.

  • Recreational opportunities for our residents.

  • It takes hard work to achieve things worth having.

  • Doing good things—every day. 

  • We believe in Willington, because we are your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers, your elected officials and we are...WORKING FOR WILLINGTON

Compare The Leaders and Consider Your Vote for First Selectman

Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Vote!

What kind of experience is important to you in this election?
A Sentinel Party Candidate, Andy Marco:

Please consider that A Sentinel Party has nominated a candidate for First Selectman that has proven himself in several different roles as a successful leader.  Andy Marco served our country and led men and women in critical missions.  He is a corporate manager required to make important financial decisions daily.  Finally, he is a Town Volunteer leading as chairman for several years with successful outcomes on the Planning & Zoning Board.

Democrat Candidate Erika Wiecenski:

Erika has been a hard-working volunteer for this community with all her experience in the school board and PTA.  She is a dedicated community organizer and a receptionist at a local business.  To our knowledge, she has no leadership or management experience besides Chairman of the Board for the BOE.  Please consider these facts that have played out under her leadership for the last four years:

-Lowest Scores of sending schools to E. O. Smith last two years
-No sustainability plan for declining enrollment and two older    school buildings
-No curriculum until new Superintendent came last year
-No Policy Updates since 2009 (done by Superintendent this year)

Being a leader means more than a title.  Leading requires a vision and the ability to create successful outcomes.  Erika as the Chairman of the Board for BOE has led this town’s schools to the following results.  The facts speak for themselves.  (Source:

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Test, % level 3 or above:


’15-16  57.60   48.20
’16-17  55.50   51.80     Lower than all Region 19 towns, 2 years 


'15-16  77.80    70.60     
’16-17  74.40    69.00    <- Look at the difference comparing to Willington

’15-16   62.5     48.7
’16-17   59.50    43.10


’15-16   66.7 50.20
’16-17 59.10 49.40

Willington pays as much as most R19 towns for lower results:

Please see cost per year per child for education. (Source: The BOE chooses how to spend these dollars.  

Willington $18,604   Has Erika led the BOE to wise choices under her leadership?

Mansfield $18,950
Ashford $19,222
Columbia $17,638

Please consider these facts on November 7th and vote for a truly experienced and successful leader – Vote Row C and vote for the future of Willington with Andy Marco.


Like any community, issues affecting Willington are not always easy or pleasant but need to be discussed in a thoughful and respectful way.

Transfer Fee Proposal


A town meeting has been called to amend the transfer station ordinance. The proposal is to begin charging a $100.00 per year fee for residents to use the transfer station. This is in addition to the current fees for certain items.


1. More money coming in to the Town without calling it a “tax” But The money won’t be earmarked for the transfer station – it won’t necessarily be spent here.

2. Other towns charge for it, we’d be like other towns

But Who cares? We want to be better than other towns. We can be better than other towns.

3. Only the users pay the fee, it’s “fee for use”

But It doesn’t cover expenses, everyone still pays through property tax to have the transfer station open
Increased administrative expense at transfer station to collect the fees.  Increased monitoring expense at transfer station to make sure everyone is in compliance. Increased trash on country roads because it’s cheaper to dump on the side of the road than to bring it to the fee-based transfer station. And you can dump any time of day or night when you do it in the woods.

Transfer station is “common good”, available to all residents
$100 today could turn into $200 next year.

We urge you to VOTE NO on the amended ordinance.
How do I do that? Attend the Town Meeting WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1 at 7:00 PM at the Town Hall, Common Road, Willington.

This advocates a position and is put together by some members of A Sentinel Party. 

A SENTINEL PARTY Darryl Peters, Treasurer
Barry Wallett, Chairman
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